Products on the Colone List®
4protection® has been added to the Cologne List®

The Cologne List® contains a register of dietary supplement ingredients which have been tested and examined for illegal ingredients.

Omnimedica AG can be found on the Cologne List®


Omnimedica is committed to more transparency in the food supplement market in terms of professional and amateur athletes. In a voluntary test, all products listed are tested at least annually for anabolic steroids and stimulants by an independent doping research center.


All eight products on the sports line with the active formula of OM24® were, without objection, added to the Cologne Liste® on 10th April 2014.


4protection® Sports System Products are regularly checked under the terms of the Cologne List® and are produced exclusively in factories which guarantee no use of unauthorized doping effect substances: An important quality guarantee for athletes!


The following 4protection® Sports system products with the active formula OM24® have been tested: