These terms and conditions (GTC) shall apply to all purchase and supply contracts which are made on the website of the Omnimedica AG. Deviations are only valid with explicit written consent of Omnimedica AG.


The contract between the purchaser and Omnimedica AG shall be effective upon acceptance of the order placed by the customer through Omnimedica AG. The purchaser’s order is made online on the website of Omnimedica AG. The order is considered accepted unless objection is made to Omnimedica within 72 hours of the order.


The order will be processed within two working days. It is shipped by

DHL (A-Post). The purchaser will be notified in case it cannot be delivered within a week.

Neither delay nor damage claims can be made from a delivery.


The minimum order value is CHF 1 –

All prices are in Swiss Francs and include VAT. All prices on the internet, that is, on the website of Omnimedica AG, are binding. Price adjustments and model changes are subject to alteration without prior notice and without assigning any reasons at any time. Should surcharge alterations, additional fiscal burdens, tariff increases or strong currency fluctuations arise in the course of order processing, Omnimedica AG reserves the right to adjust the price accordingly.


Deliveries within Switzerland with DHL (A-Post):

An order of up to CHF 80 – Omnimedica AG will charge a shipping fee of CHF 9 -.

From an order value of CHF 80 – Omnimedica AG will assume shipping costs.

Deliveries outside Switzerland with DHL (A-Post):

We will inform you about the shipping costs in advance. Shipping costs, according to direct current postal rates, will be paid by the purchaser.


In Switzerland: By invoice, bank transfer or with PayPal

In Germany: By invoice, bank transfer or with PayPal

Other countries: bank transfer


Omnimedica AG replaces only commodities that are proven to have been damaged during the processing of the order.

Damage during transport or upon receipt of the ordered goods is excluded from this warranty.

Incorrect deliveries, quantity discrepancies and noticeable defects must be reported to Omnimedica no later than 2 working days on receipt of goods. Hidden defects may be reported in writing no later than one year after receipt of goods. The return of goods is accepted only by prior arrangement and in complete condition along with a copy of the invoice attached. The purchaser is responsible for the transport of goods. Shipping costs for the return shipment will be reimbursed. Omnimedica AG determines, in its sole discretion, whether a defect delivery is repaired or wholly or partially replaced. All other warranty rights are explicitly excluded. Omnimedica AG is not liable in particular for any direct or indirect damage.


We pay explicit attention to the fact that we, due to differing jurisdiction interpretations by regulatory bodies in various countries, cannot guarantee the compliance with the law of our advertising text. This text is written to the best of our knowledge and belief. However, the publication of formulations from the Omnimedica AG website or leaflet must be carried solely at your own risk.


Omnimedica AG rejects to the extent permitted by law any liability for loss or damage arising from

temporary or permanent technical problems and / or failures in the operation of their

website, the e-mail traffic or other technical facilities. In particular, any liability for interruptions in transmission, data loss, security flaws, etc. are rejected. In the framework of improper procedure and disregard for the risks of the customer or third parties, improper stress and / or unsuitable equipment by the customer or third parties, acts of violence, environmental influences, interventions by the purchaser or interference by third parties, infestation by harmful programs such as viruses, etc. shall not be liable to Omnimedica AG for gross negligence and / or intent.


Do not hesitate to contact us with any questions. You can reach us at: or +41 43 433 21 61


Omnimedica AG only stores data that is necessary in the context of business. All personal data is handled with confidentiality. If customers no longer agree to the storage of their personal information or this information has become incorrect, we will arrange the deletion of such data with appropriate notification. Customers may receive information on all data stored by us on request.


Provisions of substantive Swiss law, in particular the Swiss Code of Obligations. Jurisdiction is in Switzerland, in Schlieren, Zurich. CH-8952 Schlieren, July 1, 2014.