Scientific knowledge on a natural basis

Omnimedica AG

Omnimedica AG was founded by Dr. H.E. Holzgang in 2001. Hailing from a well-known pharmacist dynasty in central Switzerland, an interest in people and their well-being along with an enthusiasm for the healing powers of nature are in his blood. As an enthusiastic pharmacist, creative thinker and biotech specialist, he does not tire of pursuing new visions and products. (His father developed the famous comfrey ointment).


Omnimedica AG, a spin-off company of the ETH Zurich, benefits from the expertise and infrastructure of one of the best engineering and science universities in the world.


As a Swiss company, we are proud to have globally developed the unique active formula OM24®. The composition of OM24® is based on natural ingredients, whose cell-protecting, regenerative and antiaging effect has been proven by ETH studies. As of yet, there has been no other anti-aging active ingredient of its kind. This formula is patented worldwide.


Our philosophy: We strive for the world’s best natural cell protection, with an inspiration stemming from our interest in bionics.


Our field of application for cell protection, regeneration, vitality enhancement and performance improvement ranges from clinical and therapeutic cosmetic products, food and fitness supplements to lifestyle and wellness products.


An ethical and consumer-oriented attitude is our prime objective; research without animal testing, gluten-and lactose-free products, kosher and halal production processes, fair conditions of production, all manufactured here in Switzerland.


Our company is Swissmedic GMP-certified and houses a private, high-performance laboratory.