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The 4protection anti-aging skin care line

Care System is our anti-aging line of 4protection®. It is the world\'s only skin care line with the active formula OM24®. This patented active substance is the result of years of biotechnological research. Its unique aging-delay and regenerating cell protective effect has been demonstrated by clinical studies at the ETH Zurich. Our range includes effective products specifically developed for both dermatological cosmetics as well as for food supplementary use.

TABLETS 500 mg – 120 Tablets


  • noticeably boost cell vitality and life energy
  • promote the body’s own cell regeneration and repair
  • high antioxidant potential slows down cell aging 
  • help quickly in case of mental and physical stress

4protection Tablets food supplement with magnesium, vitamin C and the active formula OM24®. This unique cell protection neutralizes free radicals – as proven by an ETH study. Revitalizes and rejuvenates the body’s cells, protects against oxidative stress, strengthens cells and reduces fatigue. Inhibits cell aging and improves ability to concentrate.


Package sizes

20 tablets item no. 220503, EAN 7640111220503

60 tablets item no. 220107, EAN 7640111220107

120 tablets item no. 220411, EAN 7640111220411


Swiss product, production and distribution:

Omnimedica AG, CH-8952 Schlieren

Recommended dosage: 1 tablet daily, preferably with food. The high antioxidative potential of 4protection tablets slow down cell aging and support the cells in the protection of life-essential cell structures, such as DNA and mitochondria. 4protection Tablets protect the body from the inside. Used as a dietary supplement.


Dietary supplements are not a substitute for a varied, balanced diet and healthy lifestyle. The recommended daily dose should not be exceeded. Suitable for children in smaller portions. Keep out of reach of children.

OM24® containing tablets, product of 4protection Care System, protected Trademark


Nutritional value, A daily dose (1 tablet) contains:
Energy 1 kJ (0.25 kcal)
Protein < 0.1 g
Carbohydrates < 0.1 g (of which sugars < 0.1 g)
Fat < 0.1 g (saturated fat < 0.1 g)
Dietary fiber 0 g
Sodium 0 g
Magnesium 57 mg (15% of the recommended daily amount)
Vitamin C 30 mg (38% of the recommended daily amount)
OM24® 500 mg


Tea plant extract (62%), magnesium carbonate, vitamin C, releasing agent: polyvinylpyrrolidonum, magnesium stearate, silica, talc, coating agents: shellac