Success is the best motivator

Cutting-edge research


Curiosity, interest and expertise are the key values ​​behind our 12 years of success. During this time we have conducted ground research and insightful preclinical studies producing pioneering and encouraging findings.


We systematically further develop our results, implementing them into new applications and products. Our active ingredients – including the patented OM24 ® – in which free radicals are “captured” and thus rendered harmless, have a broad scope. They form a high resource potential for the entire OM group.


Due to the complexity and resulting diversity of our natural product-based drug complexes, we have achieved success in controling various dermatological diseases (eg psoriasis, pigmentation, benign nevus, skin cancer, etc.)


Furthermore, we have been able to provide preventitive treatment for widespread societal medical conditions, which are also due to the damaging effect of free radicals (UV radiation, ozone, smog / pollution, diet, certain forms of stress).


The laboratory of Omnimedica AG – Swissmedic GMP certified – currently has a capacity to produce active substances and products autonomously with an estimated sales value of CHF 10 million.