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CellaNova supports your well-being and encourages increased momentum and vitality.

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CellaNova contains the purely herbal substance complex OM24®. This has a high potential to neutralize free radicals, which play a central role in the aging process of cells. OM24® supports and regenerates the energy system of the body up to 350 times more effectively than other vitamins and minerals. The positive effects of OM24® have been proven by ETH studies. This invigorating and revitalizing extract is supplemented with pomegranate and cranberry juice. An optimal, long-lasting, active refreshment for body and mind, any time of day.



500 ml CellaNova, item no. 220558, EAN 7640111220558


Swiss product, production and distribution

Omnimedica AG, CH-8952 Schlieren 

The perfect complement to a healthy diet. Supports mental and physical stamina, for the whole family. The pure plant minerals, amino acids and polyphenols of OM24®, in combination with the healthy properties of pomegranate, cranberry and edelweiss provide greater well-being in everyday life.

OM24®-containing soft drink, slightly carbonated, pasteurized

without preservatives, no colorants, protected Trademark


Energy value per 100 ml: 85 kJ (20 kcal)

Protein <0.1 g

Carbohydrates 5 g (of which sugars 5 g)

Fat 0 g (saturated fat 0 g)

Salt 0 g



Natural Swiss mineral water, fruit sugar, cranberry and pomegranate juice (5%, from concentrate), carbon dioxide, acidifier (citric acid), natural fruit flavors, tea plant extract (0.1%), edelweiss extract (0.1%) of Swiss agriculture.